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This section was designed to help consumers find answers to general questions. Links are to the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) Website. For more specific questions, please contact us, try the Electrical Contractor Network forum or contact the CSLB.

1) Quick Tips Checklist

2) Contractors State License Board Consumer Awareness

3) What You Should Know Before You Hire a Contractor.

4) Hire a Licensed Contractor.

5) How to Make Sure a Contractor is Licensed.

6) Regarding Contracts...

7) A Consumer's Guide to Home Improvement Contracts.

8) All About Liens

9) Arbitration Program Guides: Mandatory Arbitration and Voluntary Arbitration.

10) What Seniors Should Know before hiring a contractor

11) California Contractors License Board Publications: In addition to the many consumer guides available on-line, the Contractors State License Board has launched an exciting campaign to inform California consumers about hiring licensed building contractors, making informed choices about construction services, and contacting the Board for information and assistance before, during and after hiring a licensed contractor. You can download these guides for free in .pdf format (Note: Many are available in multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese as well as English). You can also order a hardcopy or use CSLB's toll-free telephone system, 1-800-533-1637.

12) If your question wasn't answered here, you can contact us, try posting your question on the Electrical Contractor Network Forum or visit the California Contractors License Board Website.

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